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Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Please take the time to read our Covid-19 distancing policy and instructions.
If you fall in any of the ‘at risk’ categories then please look after yourself and wait a little longer before booking your pet in for a groom.
  1. On arrival at the salon please ring the door bell. One person at a time can approach the salon. We will hold the consultation with you through the window.
  2. We will pass you dog anti bacterial spray which we will ask you to generously spray your dog with.
  3. We will then unlock the front door for you to enter reception. We will leave reception and ask you to place your pet in the appropriate sized crate. One customer at a time will be admitted in and out of the reception area
  4. Reception will be empty apart 3 crates. Everything beforehand will be sprayed with anti bacteria spray, floors, walls, door handles, every surface.
  5. You can then put your dog in the crate that is the right size for them.
  6. Please then remove his/her collar and lead take it with you. On the top of the crate will be a box containing antibacterial wipes. Please take a wipe and wipe anywhere on the crate you have touched. Hold onto the wipe to use on the door handle as you leave once outside place the wipe in the yellow sterile bin. DO NOT PUT ANY DOG WASTE IN THIS BIN.
  7. Once you have left we will come into reception and collect your dog
  8. When you arrive to collect your dog please ring the doorbell We will come to the window We will, in your presence, wipe the card machine with and antibacterial wipe and pass you the machine wrapped in the wipe, through the open window
  9. Please then follow the same procedure you followed when you brought your pet I to the salon.
  10. We will be in full ppe we are all grooming 2 meters apart We have a circle of trust at home to include each other here.
  11. On completion of the groom your dog will be sprayed with an anti bacteria spray all over so when you collect him/her they may feel damp
  12. Payment is by card only at this present time.
  13. In order to cover the additional overheads of distancing there will be a minimum groom charge for all dogs of £50. Additional charges apply for larger breeds and heavy matted coats.